Saturday, March 18, 2017

This is for all of my artist friends looking for a system to use in your studio, classes, and at conventions.  

I wish I had purchased my system years before I did and cannot imagine teaching without it!!! After having a class of 41 students at the HOOT Convention a couple of years ago - with no system - I was determined to use my teacher payment to invest in a system and that is what I did!! Details below ~
Here is the info on my camera system and other items ~
Ladibug DC192 

I have had it for just over 3 years now. When I bought it, it had the highest lumens possible but not sure if they've come out with any others since then. The lumens is important because the higher the lumens, the more clarity in the images displayed or projected - which is awesome for those students on the back row. 

I purchased it on Amazon and it was around $500. The entire system - camera, projector, extra long HDMI cord, XL extension cord and screens cost me about $1400 or less.If you are using the system for travel teaching, I highly recommend getting every thing. If you're purchasing it to record for DVD's, videos, YouTube, no need for the screen and extra cords. 
It's difficult sometimes to know where the plugs are in a room or how far away you have to set up the projector from Ladi-Bug system so the XL HDMI cord is essential.

The projector - Epson EX7230/7235 PRO was around $600 I think at Staples or just under when we price matched against Best Buy. If you have rewards with Staples - it makes sense to purchase there to benefit from the purchase.  You want to make sure that the projector you get has an HDMI input - the older ones do not and the clarity just isn't there using the VGA cord for older projectors.

I have a large screen - quite heavy and not ideal for seminars/events I have to fly to but I do love it for ones I can drive to! It's an Epson Accolade Duet ELPSC80 80"  also purchased on Amazon.

The only thing I wish it did ~ is rotate on the stand so that if I have a long surface/project ~ I can have the length up and down instead of side to side.

The other screen - I purchased on Amazon along with some clips that push into the wall and then you clip the screen to hold it up. Link just below.
Funny enough I think a white sheet would work just as well and at least I could get the wrinkles of out it with an iron - whereas the fold-able screen comes with some nice creases in it from being stored away.

After the last convention where I had to stack 6 chairs on each other to hold my projector I knew it was time to look for something portable. My friend Marianne found this - will use it for the first time at SDP this month

Everything fits nicely into a carry on bag if traveling. The camera system can be hooked up to a lap top, iPad, computer, monitor, etc. so that you can see what you are doing. You can record to a thumb drive or straight to your computer. 
The Lumens company is fabulous with support and are happy to answer any questions you might have. I literally have recommended and sold 12 of them for artist friends - wish they  had a referral program. lol 

I'm sure the system can do so much more than what I do with it - just haven't had the time to explore the other things. 

It has a built in mic so as you are talking, it records your voice to the thumb drive or computer which is awesome. It has a great auto-focus on it and two light sources to help illuminate the recording area in necessary. As you are creating the focus doesn't go in and out like some systems do. It has a remote control so that you can use that instead of the buttons on the device.

Many times, I will record what I'm creating even though I'm not speaking out the instructions. That way, I can go back and watch the video, write up the packet and if I chose to make it into a video - can voice record on my computer. 
Another option - is to pop in a thumb drive to record the next time you teach a class. Take it home, edit and you have a DVD for that lesson.

Hope this helps all of my artist friends looking for a system to record, teach, etc. 
Happy Painting,

Thursday, February 2, 2017


I say it time and time again ~ that it sure does seem like TIME is flying right on by! Maybe that's how it's always been and I just never started paying attention to it like I do now.

It truly seems like yesterday I was changing diapers and volunteering at my sons schools - which I LOVED!!

So January 2017 is gone and we usher in February - a short month - so it will no doubt fly by even faster!

My plan to create every day took a sudden detour on Christmas Eve when I injured my right hand - my predominate hand - my painting hand! Good lesson learned though ~ that it's okay to make 2, 5, or 10 trips to the car to bring stuff in and not try and do it all at once! Believe me - I will never do again what I did that day and try to close my sliding van door with one finger! Not only was it painful at the time and still in pain - it sure has made me feel like I'm moving at a snails pace. So......letting it heal as much as possible - in between doing everything that HAS to be done and sneaking in some things that I want to do like painting in my journal!
It took me over a month to start how I wanted 2017 to start ~ and even with some pain still in my right hand and a left torn rotator cuff ~ I feel like the snails pace has picked up a bit!

Speaking of 2017 ~ what a busy and fun year I have ahead of me!! BLESSED that for the first time since I started Travel Teaching in 2015 - I have a FULL CALENDAR and have been booking into 2018!! I continually remind myself of how incredibly blessed I am to do what I love and share what I love with others!! I'm also truly honored and blessed to have companies like Dynasty, DecoArt and Weber that support me and my events!!!!

Here are a couple new patterns that will launch at the Vegas Convention at the end of the month and will also be available on my website.

I still have FREE SHIPPING going on right now for my stamps, stencils and crossbody bags and not only is it FREE SHIPPING - it's FAST SHIPPING - going on the same day ordered if before 5p.m. or first thing the next morning!!

Off to the gym - 2 days in a row since the holidays - WOOHOO!! Feeling like that is an accomplishment after this past month!! Keep reminding myself - one foot in front of the other - many, many times and I will get where I want to be with so many things - not only with my health but also my business!!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!!

Sunday, January 1, 2017


I sure have neglected my blog these past few years - insert sad face here! 

Over the holidays, I kept thinking how much I've missed writing on my blog! So.....2017 will certainly see more posts! Posts with my art, my studio, where I am and what I'm doing. Plus some random ramblings as they strike me ~ like this post! 

As most of us do, with a NEW YEAR, we think of ways we can improve our lives, our business, our friendships, etc. Picking a word of the year, a phrase, scripture, are all useful things that can help guide us these next 365 days! My word this year is INTENTION! That's for another post though :)

While at the McTier Farm for the holidays, my husband found this piece of wood laying in the fallen leaves down by the pond. The perfect circle where a knot once lived was gone and an idea for a picture popped into my head.  My husband was holding the piece of wood but was too shaky (the first picture) and my niece (steadier hands) held it for the second picture. Two pictures and two different areas of "FOCUS" from the camera. 


One day riding in the car and chatting with my honey - this blog post came out of nowhere - start to finish - all the words! I grabbed my phone and typed it all up so that I could remember it - cause we all know when we say "we don't need to write it down - we'll remember it" - we don't. 

So here goes.....

Focus - noticing the differences in these photos made me think about the difference in how I FOCUS sometimes.
In the picture above, notice how the camera focuses on the piece of wood and through the knot hole everything is blurry. Then when the focus is shifted and a steadier hand is holding the piece of wood, the wood piece is blurry and through the knot hole ~ the focus is clear and precise!

So here's a question to ponder.......

Do we focus on what is right in front of us or do we look forward and focus on what is ahead?
Neither is wrong but the perspective is certainly different. It's important to be present and focus on the things in front of us ~ our family and friends, our business, even ourselves sometimes.

However, it's also important to focus on what's ahead so that when it becomes the present it's as clear as it is through the knot hole below.

Speaking of, how cool is it that that perfect wood knot left such a wonderful circle. Round and balanced just like we need to be in our lives and in what we decide to focus on.
What am I focusing on in 2017! I can tell you I'm not focusing on turning 50 this year! lol
What I am focusing on in addition to my usual - my love, my boys, my home, my family and friends - my FOCUS is going to be on KINDESS, GOODNESS, LOVE, and POSITIVITY

I hope 2017 brings you lots of productive FOCUS!

Don't get so caught up in the "FOCUS" that you're not enjoying the journey!

Dream BIG!