Wednesday, June 19, 2013

 English Cottage Landscape Painting Class

Last week we had a wonderful class painting an English Cottage Landscape! I used to paint thatched roof cottages all the time on ornaments and giftware when I lived in England and haven't painted them much since living back in the states so decided it was time to teach my students how to paint them too.


She had to leave early so took hers home to finish it up! 







My sister Linda and her boys came into to town and I talked her into taking the evening class with me. She has never painted before and I think she did a great job!! Love the way Roz was looking at her finished piece!





Makes me miss the quaint villages we lived in while in England. The first time, we lived in a 14th century coach house that had a beautiful garden in the back and was perfect for our family! We had great landlords that lived in a 5,000 sq.ft. pepto bismol colored house with an indoor swimming pool and full tennis courts. Right next to their house was a 12th century church that had no electricity and during the winter months they used candles to light the services! Loved walking around the cemetery by the church and seeing all the very weathered but beautiful headstones.

The second time we lived in an 1850's farm house smack dab in the middle of fields that were owned and gardened by the Rothschilds. No gardens with this home but the backyard was huge and it was the next village over from where we lived before which meant our kids would be in school with their friends from our first time in England.

As much as I loved living in England - I'm thrilled with where we've been these last 8 years (the longest we've ever lived anywhere)! Love being closer to family and not having to pack our stuff up and move house again!

Hope you have a blessed day!
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