Saturday, July 20, 2013

 What a fun but busy week of painting, painting and creating!!!

We started the week out with Basic Strokes Art Journaling class - we did glazing and shading techniques on basic strokes and everyone LOVED that!!

Had two new students in my evening class Cheryl & Charlotte and they did a great job on their journal page as did the other ladies!

Friday we painted ROOSTERS


Was so good to see Glo again - she had some major eye issues and surgery since May and seeing that she drives 4 HOURS each way to come and paint with me had to take a short break!
She's been attending the Basic Strokes Art Journaling Classes and this was her first wOils class!
She rocked it and I think she even surprised herself!! 

Sherri took several classes with me years ago and came back with her cousins this time! She has such an infectious personality and it was great to see her again and meet her cousins!


First class - didn't she do great?!!


She was a bit hesitant to come and paint but she rocked it too and I think left happy with her painting as she should - it's beautiful!

She's asked me for months now to do my rooster painting and wanted the older one I did on the black canvas - so I let her break with tradition and paint it on a larger black canvas. I usually make everyone paint on the same surface/size as it just makes it easier for me to explain as I'm instructing what to do. However, she did a beautiful job and I think is too excited to tuck it away til Christmas to give to her sister and might make it an "early" present! lol

Had a wonderful day teaching my Holiday Workshop - sickness, base furloughs and other events kept it from being the packed house it usually is for this annual event but we had a fabulous time creating and painting today!!

 Here are some of the projects we did today in the Holiday Workshop in July!

Have a busy week coming up and then have to get all my stuff ready for the Heart Of Ohio Tole Painters Convention in Ohio!! Super excited to be going again this year and even more excited that I will be teaching a couple of projects!! :D

Have a blessed day!
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