Saturday, February 1, 2014

It seemed only fitting that the word that should follow my word from last week ~ "EMPTY" is FILLED!!  
It was my focus last week to really empty my thoughts of negativity and I knew that when I focused on that in many areas of my life that it would be filled with positivity and it didn't disappoint!!
It's like a weight was lifted in many areas of my thinking! Not that I've conquered it all - those negative thoughts, procrastinating or letting fear hold me back will always happen. But what last week and this week have really shown me is that if I make the conscience choice to be aware of it, I can make the choice to not give it a place in my head, my heart or in my day!
This past month sure has FILLED me with so much JOY!!
I started this year out thinking that my classes weren't going to be well attended because of the holidays and well....I've been blessed to have students with me since 2007 and I was thinking they were probably tired of me by now. See there is that negative thinking that creeps in.
I am extremely humbled, blessed and overwhelmed that many of my classes this first month of 2014 have been full and so very well attended. My students that have been with me for years inspire me so much with their eagerness to continue to learn and become better artists. I've had many new students that have started taking classes and have written me the sweetest notes of how excited they are to be taking classes with me.
I was so FILLED with excitement and JOY when my friend Dawn who owns an online artist magazine asked me if I'd be interested in becoming the next Editor-in-Chief for her magazine!! After a couple days of praying about it the answer was of course YES!! I did have those moments of doubt and fear creep in ~ but I have to say this new "A Weekly Word" for 2014 sure has given me a new outlook and ability to focus.
So, I'd say January 2014 has been amazing so far!! I focused on these words: BELIEVE, ACTION, EMPTIED, and FILLED and they sure have had shown themselves to me in incredible ways!
Looking forward to what February brings! Will post my word for this first week of February on Monday!
Have a fabulous day!!

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