Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Weekly Word ~ Playing Catch UP!!
My word for this week says it all ~ DETERMINED!!!

I'm determined to get back on track with my A WEEKLY WORD ~ focusing on one word a week that I apply to my every life and art!!
After a fabulous week at HOOT (the Heart of Ohio Tole Painters Convention) I am back and finally feeling some energy return.
Leading up to HOOT was busy, busy, busy ~ getting ready for the classes I was going to teach, creating things for the booth on the trade show floor and more importantly than all of that getting two of our sons ready to move back to college.

I have been keeping a notebook with notes written about each of these words and over the new couple of weeks will play catch up on writing about each word and how it showed up in life and my art!!

Have a blessed day! Today, I am determined to cross off 6 things that HAVE TO BE DONE!


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