Sunday, January 1, 2017


I sure have neglected my blog these past few years - insert sad face here! 

Over the holidays, I kept thinking how much I've missed writing on my blog! So.....2017 will certainly see more posts! Posts with my art, my studio, where I am and what I'm doing. Plus some random ramblings as they strike me ~ like this post! 

As most of us do, with a NEW YEAR, we think of ways we can improve our lives, our business, our friendships, etc. Picking a word of the year, a phrase, scripture, are all useful things that can help guide us these next 365 days! My word this year is INTENTION! That's for another post though :)

While at the McTier Farm for the holidays, my husband found this piece of wood laying in the fallen leaves down by the pond. The perfect circle where a knot once lived was gone and an idea for a picture popped into my head.  My husband was holding the piece of wood but was too shaky (the first picture) and my niece (steadier hands) held it for the second picture. Two pictures and two different areas of "FOCUS" from the camera. 


One day riding in the car and chatting with my honey - this blog post came out of nowhere - start to finish - all the words! I grabbed my phone and typed it all up so that I could remember it - cause we all know when we say "we don't need to write it down - we'll remember it" - we don't. 

So here goes.....

Focus - noticing the differences in these photos made me think about the difference in how I FOCUS sometimes.
In the picture above, notice how the camera focuses on the piece of wood and through the knot hole everything is blurry. Then when the focus is shifted and a steadier hand is holding the piece of wood, the wood piece is blurry and through the knot hole ~ the focus is clear and precise!

So here's a question to ponder.......

Do we focus on what is right in front of us or do we look forward and focus on what is ahead?
Neither is wrong but the perspective is certainly different. It's important to be present and focus on the things in front of us ~ our family and friends, our business, even ourselves sometimes.

However, it's also important to focus on what's ahead so that when it becomes the present it's as clear as it is through the knot hole below.

Speaking of, how cool is it that that perfect wood knot left such a wonderful circle. Round and balanced just like we need to be in our lives and in what we decide to focus on.
What am I focusing on in 2017! I can tell you I'm not focusing on turning 50 this year! lol
What I am focusing on in addition to my usual - my love, my boys, my home, my family and friends - my FOCUS is going to be on KINDESS, GOODNESS, LOVE, and POSITIVITY

I hope 2017 brings you lots of productive FOCUS!

Don't get so caught up in the "FOCUS" that you're not enjoying the journey!

Dream BIG!


  1. This is a great post. Much like you and many others, I am thinking about my life and what i can do to make it better. First of all I want my relationship with God to be closer and stronger. And I think out of that other things will land where they are supposed to be. These past few months have been physically hard on me, seems I am in bed sleeping more than anything else. I need to get feeling better so that I can start living life again. So many things I have let go of in my life, and I want to get them back. I miss us having friends to do things with, family around us, the desire to smell the fresh air outdoors. I even miss just laughing. Oh I know, I am rambling right now, I am sitting in my bed wanting to lay my head down, but not wanting to lay it down. My best blessing this year was in the birth of sweet Lillianna. She brings so much love and joy into my life and heart, and I thank God so very much for her. As I continually thank HIm for our friendship. you are a diamond in my heart.

    1. Right there with you my friend!!! That Lilianna is so precious and it's been amazing watching her little journey so far on FB! I too continually thank Him for OUR Friendship!! Adore you and you are diamond in my heart as well!