Monday, June 9, 2014

My weekly word for the first week in June was RISKS!  Well......I have to admit I struggled with this word this week - it really didn't show up in my personal life or in my art either. Boring huh? I know, I was really hoping to be able to write this amazing post about all the risks I took and that just isn't going to happen today. On the bright side though, I have been taking risks like never before when it comes to my ART since the beginning of 2014.
 I figure the worst that I can be told is no. So.....I will continue to take risks with my art and the direction I want it to head. I will continue to take risks when it comes to opportunities or ideas that pop into this crazy head of mine.

So....on that is my word for this second week in June 2014 


Already have a slew of things I can write about this word but will see how it shows up this particular week when it comes to my family life and my art! Will share more with you at the end of the week!! TRUST yourself this week to make things happen!! That is the first thing I wrote today in my booklet. I went to the gym today and walked on the treadmill for 45 minutes! Figure I have to restart sometime and today was that day!
Have a blessed day!

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