Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Weekly Word this past week was ~ RELAX!! I sure did have a wonderful relaxing trip to Hilton Head to hang out with my sisters and their family.

Loved sitting on the beach, walking on the beach, looking for sand dollars and reliving our wonderful memories of our time at the beach when we were kids.

I so needed just a couple days to chill and relax and hang out with my sisters and that is exactly what I did. Got a bit too much sun and ended up with sun poisoning but that just caused me to "relax" a bit more whether I had time for it or not.

I've tried to remind myself of this word often with my work this past month as well. I have been in a bit of slump for a couple of external reasons and it's bugging me that I've not had the time to just create!!  Not for anything specific or because it has to be done but because it really is my way to relax ~ to be creative! 
So....I've taken a major chill pill - relaxing and not putting too much pressure on myself and have scheduled creative time to do just that!!

Hope you have a fabulous week! If you are stressed to the max - RELAX! Take time for yourself and take care of yourself!! Smiles my friends!
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