Sunday, March 16, 2014

Has been a great word for a wonderful week!!!

It's also been a busy week! First, our oldest turned 20 years old this past week! Where have those 20 years gone?? So proud of this young man and couldn't be more proud of him! Blessed to call him my son!!

Plus our two college boys came home from school for Spring Break!!  Love having them home with us!!

Consistency - when I think of this word it takes me back to having three small baby boys all under the age of 3 years old. I had to introduce some structure, routine and certainly consistency into our lives.  I remember hearing someone say once that after three days of consistently correcting a behavior or habit is the start, after a week you're over the hurdle and after 21 days you've broken the habit or behavior.
Don't think that was always the case but it certainly did keep me on track with issues, behaviors and habits - mostly mine! lol All kidding aside, it did help me and our family and certainly made raising three small boys much easier.

Now, I must confess my husband is consistently consistent and he's trained me well and keeps me on track! At this stage in our lives with two boys in college and another on the way soon I've really started thinking about how I'm so NOT CONSISTENT with many things in my life - mainly with my art! I always think about 10 things I'll get done in a day and might get one and a half done.
I've learned that making lists help and my husband taught me a great trick to get started!!
He said to start all of my to-do lists off with 2-3 things I've just done and cross them off.
He says the crossed off things will motivate you to get started and knock out the other things on the list!!
So....I've written a couple things down that I will put into practice and try to break it down in the 21 days that I mentioned above. Will celebrate the getting started and after three days might treat myself if I remain consistent about doing them with a yummy treat from Starbucks or something. Then after 21 days will hopefully be more consistent with those items written on my list. Will share with you next month what those things were and how consistent I was with them!!

Will post my word for "A Weekly Word" tomorrow and share with you next Friday how it showed up in my life and art!!
Have a blessed day!!
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