Monday, March 24, 2014

A Weekly Word ~ JOURNEY

A bit late - sorry but I had my boys home for spring break and well.....spending time with them seemed so much more important than anything I had to write!

When I think of this word journey the mental picture that comes to mind is someone loaded up with a backpack, crazy hiking hat, long socks, boots, and a walking stick! Isn't it funny what we think of when we hear a word, smell a familiar scent, or see a sentimental photo we haven't seen in a long time.

Last week was our oldest sons 20th Birthday and wow what a JOURNEY that seems to have gone on in FAST FORWARD! 20 YEARS! The journey getting there has been fun, exciting, filled with laughter, tears, frustration, aggravation, brilliance, disappointment, achievement, and of course LOTS of LOVE. So PROUD of this young man and look forward to watching his journey now that I've had to cut those strings (I still try to hold on and pull them every now and then - sigh!) These are all words that come to mind when you have a journey right? There are great times, there are difficult times. There are times filled with laughter and times filled with great sadness. There are successes and failures. People come into your life and sadly sometimes people leave your life. Life is a journey filled with so many things and what I've tried learning in my 40's is how to deal with all that comes with it and to try and find the JOY in the JOURNEY instead of focusing on the bumps and pot holes along the way.

One of my greatest journeys has been the almost 24 years married to my husband!! What I love most about it is that we have been holding hands the whole way (metaphorically) speaking. We don't always agree, we haven't always wanted to take the same path, but we know that our journey through this life is together and I am blessed beyond words that I'm on this life journey with this amazing man God brought into my life almost 24 years ago.

Another journey that has brought much joy, sadness, aggravation, and so on is my art journey! When I think back to the first things I started creating to now,  I'm amazed some days that I didn't just put up the brushes and get a full time job doing office work that brought in a monthly paycheck, and on the flip side, I've enjoyed the journey that I've been on and the excitement I feel when I've created or designed something. I know that along this journey I will continue to have frustrations and aggravations but I also know there will be exciting, creative and amazing times ahead!

One thing that kept coming up this week when I thought about my weekly word JOURNEY was ~ DECISIONS!!! 
It's the big and little decisions that we make each day that direct our journey!!
Sometimes I will make the wrong decision and sadly have to suffer the consequences of those but other days decisions made make me feel like I'm skipping along the yellow brick road and singing as I go!
Again, trying to remind myself to find the JOY in the JOURNEY!!

Hope you have a great day!! Share with me here or email - how this word showed up for you this past week!!

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