Monday, March 3, 2014

My word last week for "A Weekly Word 2014" ~ INTENTIONAL

That was my word last week!!! I really wanted to focus on EVERYTHING I did - my actions, my words, my thoughts, etc. and to do them all with INTENTION!   I can't remember where I first heard "intentional living", maybe it was on K-Love radio station but I guess instead of just doing I wanted to be aware of the why and how too!

It was a busy ~ busy week in Vegas at the Creative Painting Convention and I have to admit I didn't write once in my journal about how this word showed up in my life and art so will let this word spill over into this week, will write about it and share it all with you on Friday!

My word for this week funny enough is ENERGIZED! I say funny enough because if there is anytime I need energy it's now! Brought a terrible cold back with me from Vegas and have so much that I need to be doing. However, it's 1:11p.m. and I'm still in my pajamas. Haven't done much of anything today really. I'm hoping the rest will ENERGIZE my tomorrow while I nurse myself back to health today! 

Will write more about Intentional and Energized on Friday!

Have a wonderful day!!

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