Saturday, May 17, 2014

My ~ A Weekly Word for this week  ~ HAPPY!! It sure did not disappoint as it has been such a HAPPY week!!

I had a fabulous week and it just kept getting better and better!
I found out that my class at the HOOT Painting Convention sold out so they increased the class to 50 which is AMAZING and scary at the same time!! I wasn't nervous but I am a tad bit now!! More than nervous though, I'm honored and humbled that people liked my project enough to sign up for the class! Yes, I do still doubt myself and my work at times and as frustrating as it is things like this that validate it make me more than HAPPY!!

I also got a package with 31 different Dynasty Brushes from an amazing brush company!! Can't wait to use them ALL and share with you everything about them!!! I had my Sandy McTier Designs FB first giveaway and loved all the shares, likes, comments, and overall sweet LOVE that everyone showed me these last couple of weeks!!

On the family front, we were so happy that our two sons away at college finished the year with great grades ~ one remaining in the Honors Program and the other so well he was invited to the Honors Program. We attended our youngest sons Awards Ceremony and he was given many honors for his grades and will be finishing his Junior year at High School still at the top of his class which is awesome! He is so funny and reminds me so much of my husband! He gets it done! He is pretty organized and focused on what he wants and right now he says that is finishing first or second in his class as a Senior! 

Happy that my hubby is able to spend some time with his siblings and parents this weekend! I wish I could be there too - too many deadlines/orders that need to be filled (which makes me HAPPY - don't get me wrong)!! Still trying to figure out that happy medium of work and time off and fitting it all in!!

Hope you had a very HAPPY week and weekend!
Don't WORRY be HAPPY!!

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