Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My word for the last week in April was ~ RISKS

I blogged just before this post about meeting my husband on a blind date and I hope you had a chance to read that!! Talk about taking a RISK! Certainly one that paid off because I'm one happy and blessed girl!!

I actually took many RISKS in business as well over the last couple of months - putting some things out there and understanding that the worst that could happen is the answer could be NO! So far they're looking really good - waiting to hear about some and trying to be patient but in the end - RISKS mean I'm taking that LEAP OF FAITH! Trusting my God will catch me if I fall!

What I realized is RISKS mean so many of my other A Weekly Word words - it means MOVEMENT! It means I've taken ACTION on something and I think anytime you do that in business and do it with what I try to do - a servants heart - you'll be rewarded!

My next word for this first full week of May is INSPIRE!! Will blog about how this word showed up in my life and art on Friday or Saturday.  Hope you took a leap of Faith and took some RISKS in your life this week that were good, meaningful and hopefully a bit of FUN too!!

Have a blessed day! Sandy
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