Monday, May 12, 2014

My word for last week was INSPIRE!!

There are so many things that INSPIRE me! Things and people that INSPIRE me to be a better Christian. Things that INSPIRE me to be a better wife and mother! Things that INSPIRE me to be a better friend!
The Mothers in my life INSPIRE me!
My Faith inspires me with all the above!!

When it comes to my ART ~ oh my what doesn't inspire my ART! The beauty of flowers, birds, and COLOR just to name a few!!

I received the sweetest note from a student not to long again thanking me for inspiring her and unleashing a creative side she thought might be there and wanted to be there but wasn't sure if it was there! IT is there and she just needed a little guidance and assistance and it's been awesome to see her growth in such a short time! My students inspire me just as much if not more than they tell me I inspire them!

What inspired you this past week?
Hope you have a great week!

Here is my word for this next week ~

Have a great week and BE HAPPY!
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