Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My "A Weekly Word" for last week was ACCEPT and what I had to accept this past week was that I am not always going to get done what I would like to get done. Starting out with posting on my blog - wink!

I focused on this word "ACCEPT" this past week and it really did show itself to me in many ways.

Something that really showed up for me last week is that I'm never going to get done everything I want to in a day. My list always starts out grand and I think I can knock a bunch out and realize at the end of many days that it takes me longer to get things done than I actually think. I can accept this most days because even if I've done one thing I know I've done a great job on it but thinking about this issue and writing some notes about it lead me to my word for this first week in April - but more about that later!

One of the hardest things I've been realizing these last few years and feel like I'm getting better at being able to accept is - that not everyone is going to like me. Even people I've never met and you know what - that is quite alright.
In high school it devastated me but at 46 I've realized that life is way too short and precious to worry about such nonsense.  It robs me of emotions and time that I could be spending on people that do like me.
Another thing that really showed up for me this past week when I started to wish I could paint like this one guy that I follow on Facebook. His paintings are so realistic and amazing to say the least!! After writing a bunch of notes and then praying about it ~ it became quite clear ~  I can accept where I am in my art journey right now because I know I am growing, learning and along the way finding the joy in the journey - how could I not accept that?!

Sometimes you just have to accept things for what they are. I've been trying to fix an issue and all of a sudden it was like a hand bopped me across the forehead - you know the kind like on the V8 commercial - accept it! It is what it is. I've done what I can do. If it changes great. I can't control it - I can only accept it for what it is!

So....on to my word for this first week in April ~ PRIORITIES!!
I will share my thoughts with you on how this word PRIORITIES showed up in my life and art this week on Friday!!

Have a BLESSED day!!
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