Monday, April 28, 2014

24 Years ago today...
my good friend Janet and her then boyfriend set me up on a blind date. I was living in Okinawa, Japan at the time (my dad was stationed there).

It was the first time in my life I ever experienced a panic attack ~ seriously.

We'd all be going to a sushi bar and I really wasn't a fish eater of any kind.
I had also never been out on a blind date. Honestly, I almost backed out.

I remember walking into the restaurant like it was yesterday.
There were three guys there. I knew my friends boyfriend but didn't have a clue which guy was my date. I gravitated toward this handsome man with big Sally Jesse Raphael glasses on.
It was his smile. He was adorable and engaging and wanted to know all about me.
I introduced myself and met the other guy too and then we ordered.

Now remember, I don't like a lot of seafood and really my favorite way to eat fish is deep fried like fish and chips. I ate eel!! The thought of eating that now turns my stomach.
Then we went upstairs and sang karaoke. I remember singing You are My Sunshine in front of my blind date.

Love at first site might sound cliché but I have to say it was! I had always told my mom that my Mr. Right didn't live in the states. I always knew he lived somewhere else and I was right.

There are times, moments, days that change your life forever! This day 24 years ago certainly did.
I met the most amazing man that is and has been the most incredible husband and best friend a girl could ever hope for!
He loves me, spoils me, supports me, sets me straight when I'm wrong and is my biggest cheerleader! He also happens to be the most incredible husband in the world! His family is everything to him!! Love and adore this man more and more and am more in love with him than ever!!

Hope you have a blessed day!
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