Monday, April 28, 2014


Something that I think can be so simple and can also be so underrated!!

It doesn't take much to be kind!
It's actually a choice.
You can either choose to be kind or choose to ugly.

I heard some not so nice things someone said about me this week and my first reaction of course wasn't - kindness. It hurts when it's someone you thought was your friend. However, I've learned over my 46 years of life that the only way to deal with unkind behavior is with kindness.  It really does always WIN in the end.

I had such a wonderful email from a student thanking me for my classes, my kindness and my generosity.  I truly do have the best students!! They are always eager to learn! Come back month after month to learn more and I am truly blessed that they want to know what I know when it comes to art! 

Hope you have a fabulous week!! Remember to be KIND. Be Kind to your KIDS! Be Kind to your spouse! Be kind to your friends and more importantly - be Kind to yourself!!

Here is my word for this last week in April 2014

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