Monday, April 21, 2014

My word for last week - Easter Week was "ALIVE"
Felt it was such a fitting word considering the historical events that took place over 2000 years ago. Jesus is ALIVE ~ He has RISEN indeed!

Honestly though, I feel like I failed this past week in so many ways.

I really wanted to clear my mind and focus on the word and all the ramifications it meant to me as a Christian, wife, mom, friend and artist.
Oh did I fall short! (insert big sigh here)

Do you ever get consumed with something or you hear something and it completely turns your mood, attitude, and entire day on it's head. Well, I had several of those days last week and it really did put a damper on my weekly word and the focus I really should have given it. I even spent one whole day having a terrible pity party - ever have those? No streamers or balloons at that party - just a deflated attitude and broken spirit. Thankfully, my God listens and hears my cries and lifts me up from the broken and sad moments on days like those.

I mean hello! What could possibly be more important than the fact that my savior died for me and rose again and is indeed ~ ALIVE?  Nothing really and it made me sad to have wasted a week where I should have just let those things roll off my back and not give them a second thought. Sometimes, ok, often times I get too caught up in how I feel or why I feel that nothing else really occupies the space in my head - trying to work on that and change it so that it will only ruin a moment, not an hour and certainly not a whole day. as I carry into this week I will continue to focus on the word ALIVE as I have been doing with many of my other words for 2014 so far!  Here is my word for this week  ~ KINDNESS
Look forward to sharing with you Friday ~ how this word showed up in my life and art!

Have a blessed day! Be KIND to one another!

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