Friday, January 24, 2014

A WEEK OF EMPTY? week has been anything but empty! Has been a busy week preparing for my art classes. I've so missed teaching and seeing my students - many that travel up to 4 hours each way to get her to paint with me! How BLESSED am I that someone would take that much time from their daily life to come and spend it with me!!

I've gotten some interesting emails and messages about my word this week - some didn't understand it and some thought it was the perfect word for them to focus on. I think I explained it to those that didn't understand what I was thinking when I chose this word. As I've been doing since I started A Weekly Word I wrote down some things that SHOWED themselves to me whilst focusing on this word - EMPTY.

 My first thought hit me when I stopped to get gas. We don't let our cars get below 1/2 tank usually before filling them up. Not what I used to do in my younger years when I prayed for the fumes to at least get me to work on time and I'd fill up afterwards.
Well.....I want to apply the not below 1/2 tank to my daily life! Starts first thing in the morning. Getting up early enough to have quiet time with God, quiet time to really wake up and plan what I need to get done that day. I usually have a LONG list and think I can knock it out in no time to end the day and feel defeated because I didn't get as much done as I thought I could get done - sometimes there is only one thing checked off.
So....I've adopted a trick my husband taught me - start your list with the last thing or two you just completed and cross them out! That starts your list off with tasks that have been completed and gives you a little positive boost to keep crossing them off. I also can't fill my day thinking about ALL that has to be done because that certainly makes me feel like my peg is on E - EMPTY. I have to concentrate on the task at hand and get that peg over to the F (FOCUS) line.

Another thing I really wanted to focus on this week was to empty myself of negative thoughts - especially when it comes to ME - mainly my body, my artistic ability, being a good wife or mother, etc! Those thoughts that creep in and can change my mood in a nano second.
Well.....I realized that I will most likely always have those thoughts but I have the CHOICE to not believe them, not let them affect me and move on.  Sometimes that is easier said then done but that is something I'm certainly going to work on.

I've always felt I was a glass half FULL kinda girl! See the positive! Be Optimistic! It's a choice and it's my choice! There are too may things in day to day life that could make us feel defeated or empty because that glass isn't full - just turn on the news. However, if that glass is EMPTY - I have ways I can fill it up! There is some food for thought huh?

Have a BLESSED day!!

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