Friday, January 10, 2014

Just some thoughts on my first word of the year ~ JOY
I have been filled with so much JOY so far in 2014! This mom has ben filled with the JOY of having her not so little ones anymore home from college for a month! I feel like I've gotten a renewed creative energy and the brush is making some little pretties that I'm excited about! Blessed and humbled too that others want a little piece of my art and like them enough to purchase them and display them in their homes!
I did have a couple of moments where I felt like something was about to steal my JOY! I'm sure you've been there and can relate - you hear something someone said about you and then instead of letting it roll right off our back you repeat it over and over it your head and before you know it it's stolen your joy for the day and your whole attitude changes, etc. etc. etc.
Well........I've decided in 2014 that I will do everything in my power to NOT allow that to happen any longer! It's hard - can't change it overnight - but every time I felt I was going there with my thoughts I prayed about it, prayed for that person and moved on with my day! It really did help and I know if I'm consistent with how I handle situations like that it will be easier to do each time something tries to steal my JOY!

My second word of 2014 is BELIEVE!
This ties into so many goals that I've written out for myself for this coming year!
I strive to BELIVE that relationships will be restored, BELIVE that I can stop drinking Diet Coke/Soda once and for all, BELIEVE that I can inspire others through my art and so many other things that I've written down!  I've read my list daily so that I can remind myself of what I WANT this year! I do BELIEVE they will all come - probably not as easily or as soon as I'd like - but in God's timing they will come and I BELIEVE that!
Another thing I've really tried to focus on with this word BELIEVE ~ is that I can't always BELIEVE the negative things in my programmed brain!
You know what I'm talking about? Those negative thoughts - I can't, I'm not worthy of that, that will  never happen, etc. I also can't always BELIEVE the stories I create in my head about a person, situation, etc.
Back to my point I made earlier about the JOY of having my boys home from college for a month. I have had some not so great moments since they've been home - mainly with our oldest. I feel like there were days that I was just on him for one thing or another and started 'believing' that he's so ready to go back to school and get out of this house and away from his mother! Well, that is certainly a story I created in my head, he hasn't said that nor has his daily actions shown that. Every morning he comes and hugs me, checks on me throughout the day and gives me hugs as he passes through the house and I know that as much as I probably get on his nerves he loves me and loves being home with his sometimes overbearing mom.
Look forward to hearing how these words showed up in your daily life these last two weeks!!
I'm trying to not get a head of myself and really just have that one word for the week but in reading my list that I made for all the things I WANT & BELIEVE will happen in 2014 - some words have made themselves known and I've written them down - mainly so I don't forget! I'm hoping being off the Diet Coke helps with that issue! lol  SO, just to give you a heads up - my next word is ACTION!
Oh....I almost forgot ~ I'm keeping a journal too with these thoughts and more for each week! Adding touches of art and doodles, etc. and will share some of those pages throughout the year! :D Hope you'll keep a journal too - it really does help to see it written and to write out your thoughts - good or bad! Think of it as a healthy way to vent too! Sometimes words shouldn't be expressed to other ears but they are still feelings you might be having at the moment and writing them will help you see them, examine them, and deal with them!!
BELIEVE it and you can ACHIEVE it! 
Have a BLESSED day!
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