Friday, January 3, 2014

Finished up some paintings that I started in 2013!
I painted this "custom" castle for a sweet little girl that my middle son used to teach drum lessons to.  She was specific about the colors she wanted as well as the fact that she wanted water and a dachshund.  I had a blast painting it for her and can't wait to see where she hangs it!

I painted this one evening to use up some of the paint on my palette from the roses I had painted the day before (see roses below).  I was wrapped up in an afghan that a friend handmade for me and sent me for my birthday and I kept thinking about how nice and cozy I was having it wrapped around me - so I decided that this painting should be hers ~ for her birthday which was in December! Maybe it could find a nice cozy spot in her new home too!

I met a sweet lady (Patsy) and her daughter (Sandy) from Georgia while attending the Nancy Medina Workshop in TN and she asked me to paint her an apron - well - it was in the midst of all my shows and then holiday painting orders, etc. and needless to say I finally got it painted and can't wait for her to get it!

I decided that in the new year I was going to have a Rose Study workshop so I had roses on my mind! Decided to paint some gifts and was thrilled how much each one loved them!

Hope you have a BLESSED DAY!
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