Friday, January 3, 2014


WOW!! Didn't realize how long I have been away from blog until I tried to log in and couldn't for the life of me remember my password! Sad I know! Thank goodness for backup information!

We had a wonderful Christmas and for a change I actually stayed up long enough to ring in the New Year ~ can't say the same for hubby though - was in bed by 10:30p.m.

We've so enjoyed having our boys home from college ~ and I know their girlfriends certainly have!
I love to hear them chit chat about games, TV shows, etc. as well as listen to them jam out on the guitars and drums!

I forgot to write about my last class of the year ~ my Basic Strokes Art Journaling class! We painted roses and leaves in blue & white! The word that really spoke to me when preparing for this lesson was "BELIEVE" I remember not believing that I could paint a rose - and now - even though I am still figuring them out and how I like to paint them ~ I BELIEVE now I can paint a rose!


Dee, Susan, Deborah, Fran and Sherry! Missed some ladies due to school programs and sickness 


Gloria & Patti
This was Patti's first class and I know Gloria and I truly enjoyed having her there. Again, a couple ladies had to cancel due to sickness so we were a small group but full of laughter! Loved how tickled Patti got when she painted something she liked and how tickled she got when she painted something she didn't! Look forward to having her in more classes!
I also held a workshop at my home with 4 ladies that were painting gifts for family and friends for Christmas.

 Ellen painted a garden scene for a friend and I think "finally" she impressed herself!! She certainly impressed us all and I know her friend will treasure this forever!

Ellen also painted gourd for a friend that matched her china pattern. Simple and sweet design!

Pictured (missing Ellen)
Ann - she painted her daddy's rose garden! Such a sweet story and she did such an amazing job!
Lisa - painted a scene from a picture that she took on a trip to Ireland. Everyone wanted to paint this luscious green landscape after seeing hers! Jenny painted a couple of things - this one here was a tropical medley - with a hibiscus & plumeria. Hard to see with the angle but it turned out so soft and pretty! She also started on a log cabin painting after this one.
A sweet friend of mine asked if I would paint some aprons for a friend of hers in California. I painted 17 aprons - all similar but different and had a blast painting each one! They wore them for a cooking class just before the holidays! Hoping to get a group shot of them wearing them and will of course share if/when I do!

Worked on my planner today for the year and really hoping to get more blogging in!! It's on my calendar to do and with a couple of new projects I have going I am hoping to be more consistent with posting! Hope you'll stop by often and catch up with me!

Have a great day!

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