Friday, January 3, 2014

I have been hearing a lot about how people pick one word and use that word throughout the year in their daily lives. A word that they can focus on, meditate on and have as a daily reminder.
I wanted a word! I thought about it and thought about it but I was stuck - on December 30th I told my darling hubby that I needed a word and told him about the story I saw on The Today Show. On January 1st I told him I still hadn't come up with ONE word that I wanted to be my "mantra" for 2014. On January 2nd it came to me - the word that I was going to focus on and meditate on throughout 2014. while waiting for my son's car to be fixed at the dealership, I was writing down some things I wanted to accomplish in 2014 and it hit me!!! I needed more than ONE word.

I needed at least 52 words and in that "A Weekly Word" was created!  Each week I'll pick one word that I want to focus on and apply to my life and my art work. I will of course blog about it and I hope you'll join me each week when I post (to include this post of course) and let me know what your word is for the week! 

Feel free to right click on the "A Weekly Word" button above and post it on your blog, FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc. if you'd like and link my blog so we can all be encouraged by our words of the week. I only have one request if you participate! No foul words please! Thanks!

My word this first week of 2014 is "JOY"

When this word popped into my head so did the song that I used to sing as a little girl.....I've got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in my heart, down in my heart, down in my heart ~ do you know it?  One of my childhood favorites!

When I told my husband today about my "A Weekly Word" idea and told him my first word, that song popped in his head and out of his mouth as well!

These are just some things that I've thought about when I think of the word "JOY"

My family brings me so much JOY! I love having my boys home from college but also am thrilled that they are furthering their education and deciding what they want to be when they grow up! They both made the Deans List this past fall semester! Our youngest one also had all "As" in High School and his dual enrolled college courses he's taking. My heart overflows with JOY and I'm so proud to be their mom!

I get so much JOY from picking up a paint brush and seeing what happens to a blank canvas! It's been a journey - one that hasn't always been joyful but certainly one that has also brought me great JOY! I'm hoping each week to some how some way incorporate my weekly word into a piece of art!

This week when I go through my daily life and I think and pray about this word I will make notes and "update" my list. I'm sure there will be things that bring me joy and things that try and steal my joy and I'm anxious to see how that word helps me this first week in January.

Have a JOYFUL weekend!

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