Saturday, October 26, 2013


Keurig Cup RePurposed!

Not to long ago some friends and I were at a painting convention and getting our coffee made in our Keurig machines that we brought along and pondered the thought ~ there has to be something we can make with these cups instead of throwing them all away!
A creative thought popped into my head this week when I made my son some hot chocolate - I gathered all my supplies (listed below) and I wanted to share with y'all something you can easily create using those throw away Keurig cups ~ a snowman hat!!

Supplies Needed:

1. Keurig cup ( the ones with coffee in them have a filter so make sure you clean out the inside really well. I love that there is a hole already punched by the machine which makes it easy to hang!

2. DecoArt(R) Multi-Surface Satin Paint(TM) ~

DA539   Black Tie
DA500   Cottonball
DA506   Lipstick
DA504   Flamingo
DA511   Pumpkin Patch
DA510   Orange Sherbet

3. Ornaments

4. Sponge

5. Paint Brushes ~ #8 Flat & #2 Script Liner

6. Ribbon

7. Holiday Buttons - I used a snowflake and holly & berries cluster  (you can get these at any craft store - I got mine at Hobby Lobby)

8. Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks
9. DecoArt(R) Glamour Dust (TM) 

1. After you've made your nice cup of hot chocolate or coffee - remove the foil lid and clean the inside out. Dry well.

2. Load sponge with Black Tie and paint cup. Set aside to dry or to speed things up use a hair dryer.
3. Paint face on ornaments - check out Jamie Mills Price faces - she paints the most adorable & sweet faces.  Paint the eyes like watermelon seeds using the #2 Script liner loaded with Black Tie.
4. Paint sides of mouth again using the liner brush loaded with Black Tie. This will give help give you placement for the mouth.
5. Start with brush in the middle of the line on the left and bring brush over to the line on the right - slightly applying pressure near the bottom of the mouth.
6. Add eyebrows and lashes using just the tip of the brush with little to no pressure. It also helps to have very little paint on the brush when you paint these small lines. Make sure the handle of the brush is straight up and down and you are using only the tip of the bristles.
7. I painted a clear one as well but really like the way it looks on the white ornaments!  Wash liner brush out, dry off and load with Cottonball.  Dot eyes with a large dot and one or two smaller dots next to that large dot.  Paint small highlight on eyebrows and mouth as shown - again using just the tip of the brush with little to no pressure on the bristles.

8. Mix a touch of Flamingo with Cottonball to make a nice shade of pink for the cheeks. You could use a sponge dauber if you desire but I like to use my index finger to apply the cheeks.
9.  Tap the cheeks on using your finger. Make sure to not go over it and over it - you will start to lift the paint.
10.  Jamie Mills Price does these adorable oval button noses on snowmen! Love them and the cuteness it gives the snowmen.  Load #2 Script Liner with Pumpkin Patch and paint oval for nose. Pick up a touch of Orange Sherbet and paint over the oval but leave a border of the Pumpkin Patch showing.
11.  OR you can give the snowman a traditional carrot nose. Load #2 Script Liner with Pumpkin Patch and start with a "C" where the nose is going to start and paint a wavy long triangle using the tip of the brush - fill in. Load liner with Orange Sherbet and paint over the nose but leave a border all the way around the nose showing the Pumpkin Patch color you first painted on.
12. Eyes, mouth, eyebrows, cheeks can all be highlighted with a touch of Cottonball using the liner brush.
13.  Load #8 Flat with Cottonball and paint rim around cup. Most of them already have this raised area so it's perfect for the scarf placement. If you aren't getting great coverage - don't keep going over it - dry it with the blow dryer. We're just painting white on the black so that our Lipstick color will pop!
14. After the white has dried load #8 Flat with Lipstick and paint over the white scarf. While wet sprinkle with Glamour Dust as shown in picture below. Let completely dry and then brush the excess glitter off the hat using a dry brush.
15.  Put a small drop of Hot Glue where you want the snowflake to go and press into place. The cup didn't melt on me but sometimes hot glue can cause that to happen so just make sure to use a touch of the hot glue. E6000 will work great too if you don't have a glue gun.  

16. Add a drop of hot glue in the middle of the snowflake and add the holly & berries button.
17. Push ribbon through the hole and tie a know. I added at touch of hot glue on the inside to keep the ribbon from pulling through - although the hole is quite small it most likely won't happen - but did it just in case. 
18.  I wanted the hat to be a little off to the side so one side is touching the hole in the top of the ornament. Where that touches - add a drop of hot glue. Add a small touch of hot glue to the bottom on the other side of the hat and press onto ornament. Let dry and hang!
Hope you'll give these a try!! If you do share some pictures with me on my Facebook Page ~

Have you seen the soldiers made out of flower pots? How cute would these be made out of the used Keurig cups and made into ornaments or table decorations!

Have fun creating and HAPPY PAINTING!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Basic Strokes Art Journaling Class
We had so much fun at our Basic Strokes Art Journaling Class last week!
We painted evergreen sprigs, pinecones and ribbon!
It's hard to believe this was the 10th class in my BSAJC series!! Sometimes it's hard to go back to the basics but when I do and when I teach my students we always learn something new - or maybe because of our age we just relearn what we've gotten out of the habit of doing!

Back row (L to R): Pat, Barb, Susan, Dee, Roz, & Sherry
Sitting (L to R): Sue and Mary

Gloria and Jennifer came in the evening to paint with me!

I am blessed beyond words that these ladies take time out of their busy lives and come and paint with me!  I'm blessed that I get to share what I love to do with others! Very humbled and very thankful!

Have a great day!