Thursday, May 19, 2016

Customize Your Pencils

I know you can get decorated pencils at just about any store these days but I thought about customizing my own with some of my favorite papers by DecoArt.

They are super simple, super fun and you could customize your pencils to fit any decor, event, etc. with coordinating papers.

I got a super deal on this box of 72 pencils from Staples - only $3! Hello!!

On the back of the paper I measured out and drew lines for 7" long and 1" wide.

Next, I cut the strips of paper, applied DecoArt DecouPage Medium to the pencil, laid the pencil in the center of the paper - lined up with the silver topper and rolled the pencil. You want to make sure you do this on a flat surface. It didn't work so great rolling it on the tile due to the grooves/grout lines.
Add more DecouPage Medium to the end of the pencil as the paper slightly overlapped and then I added more medium to the entire pencil. Stand the pencil up with the eraser leaning up against it so that it can dry.

Take an emery board or piece of sandpaper and shave off any excess hanging down where you'll sharpen the pencil.

Ta-Da - customized pencil!! Just think of the possibilities!!

You could stamps some paper or stencil 'small' words on to some paper and make personalized pencils too. Have fun with it!!

Happy Creating,