Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sorry didn't post my word for my "A Weekly Word for 2014" yesterday because I was traveling to the Creative Painting Convention in Vegas!
My word for this week is Intentional!
I will share with you on Saturday or Sunday how this word showed up for me this week while here in Vegas. 
Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

 February Paint Classes
Here are some photos from our my classes this month! It's been a busy and FUN month so far! I have the best students and they've all done a fabulous job on the projects this month!!

I taught a kids/teens class and these sweet little ladies did an amazing job on their Pop Art Flowers!!
The ePacket is available on my website if you want to learn how to paint them too!! www.sandymctier.com

We had our second Techniques class of the year and had a blast learning some really cool blending techniques with acrylic paints! I threw in a bonus technique on rouging which they all seemed to really enjoy as well!!

My morning students

My evening students

I forgot to share these with you from last months class ~ Spring Table Decor. We painted on cloth napkins and everyone got to pick out the elements they wanted to paint on theirs from the designs I created. We had bunnies, and chicks, eggs, flowers and so much more!!

Here is a pic of my morning bunch!!

The ladies from my evening class

Today I taught a stacked teacup and saucer class and these three ladies did such a fabulous job on this project! Lots of little elements and details went into this project. We added some dimensional chipboard to our piece as well.

I taught a landscape workshop this month too where the ladies got to bring pictures of landscapes they wanted to paint. They blew me away with the amazing paintings they created!! We painted them with acrylic first and then went over them with wOils.





I've been busy busy painting my Mini Paintings these last few months and have so enjoyed creating each one from this crazy head of mine!
I'm in the process of adding a new page to my website where I will offer them for sale.  It's been beyond humbling and exciting to have them sell pretty fast after sharing them with my FB friends.

This weekend is gonna be BUSY BUSY BUSY!!
Lots of painting and planning for classes coming up in March.
Looking forward to seeing my painting friends in Vegas next week at the Creative Painting Convention!!
I'll be taping two lessons with Interactive Artist Magazine which is always so much fun!!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, February 21, 2014

While I kept trying to focus on my word ~ FORWARD ~ this week I kept being reminded of what not moving FORWARD gets you ~ STUCK!
Have you ever been there?
When you aren't sure what to do about a situation.
When you want to lose weight but can't seem to eat right or get to the gym
You have more things to do than you have hours in a day
Well.....what it boils down to is this ~ 
as long as I make excuses there is no moving FORWARD.

I wrote quite a lot in my journal this week about the word FORWARD and here are just a few things I wrote to remind myself of how FORWARD showed up this week for me!
FORWARD - a verb -
means go
get started
take action
don't procrastinate
put ONE foot in front of the other
Another thing that I thought was a bit profound and had to write down when it came to me in the wee hours of the morning
Don't be so focused on moving FORWARD that you miss out on the moments of today and to enjoy the journey as you are moving FORWARD!
Hope you have a great day!!  Will post my word for next week on Monday!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here is my word for this week in my "A Weekly Word" for 2014


When I think of this word it brings up words like movement, progression, move, action, and most of all no going backwards!

Will blog more about how this word showed up this week for me in my daily life and art!

Have lots of photos from classes to share with y'all too! Sorry students!! I know y'all have come here to see them and I haven't been as consistent posting them as I'd like so will get them posted this week!!

Have a great day and hope you have a week that moves FORWARD in many ways! Enjoy the moments as they happen though and don't spend your time looking so forward to something in future days that you miss what is right there in front of you TODAY!


Friday, February 14, 2014




I kept repeating to myself all week but it didn't help!!
Was a very weird week for me! Had a very difficult time focusing on things that really needed to be done.
Still have a couple more days to really FOCUS on some things I've written down for this week so not going to throw a pity party or throw in the towel just yet!!

Will see ya on Monday when I post by word for next week - although right now I'm thinking it should be FOCUS again!!! lol

Have a great day!!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Here is my word for this week ~

I really want to have LASER FOCUS on some really important things in my life!  Will share more on how this word showed itself to me this week on Friday!

Have a great week and stay FOCUSED!!


Saturday, February 8, 2014

This week started out a bit crazy - my oldest called and at first I thought he had been in an accident. Thankfully he had not ~  he just got his first speeding ticket. In that moment I was so GRATEFUL that he hadn't been in an accident and a ticket seemed so minor with my heart in my stomach fearing to hear the worse.
Then I thought how grateful I was that he has a job and will be paying that ticket!!

I truly do have so much to be grateful for in my life. I'm one BLESSED girl for sure!

This past week I've felt like a Mac Truck has hit me and let me just say even if it might seem trivial I'm grateful for medicine that makes you feel better! I'm grateful for a husband that always takes care of me - sick or not! Still feel like I'm trying to get over whatever hit me but I'm on the mend and for that I'm grateful.

I wrote down some things that I want to continue to think about as I go through 2014 and always in the back of my mind think about as I go through my days -
Do I show my husband GRATITUDE for all that he does for our family?
Do I show all my family how much they mean to me and how grateful I am to have each one of them in my life?
Do I show GRATITUDE to my friends that are always there for me? Even in the difficult times?

It really is such a simple thing to do and yet sometimes I know I don't show enough how GRATEFUL I am for all the blessings I have in my life.  I'm sure the list will continue to grow and I hope that next to each at the end of 2014 I can honestly look at the questions and say with a Grateful Heart - I did and will continue to do on a daily basis show how GRATEFUL I am!

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Here is the first word for February that I will be focusing no in my "A Weekly Word" for 2014!

I really want my attitude especially this week to be one of GRATITUDE!!
I truly have so much to be grateful for in my life!!! Really am beyond blessed and look forward to sharing more with you on Friday!
Have a week filled with GRATITUDE for the little things, the big things and everything in between!

Blessings, Sandy

Saturday, February 1, 2014

It seemed only fitting that the word that should follow my word from last week ~ "EMPTY" is FILLED!!  
It was my focus last week to really empty my thoughts of negativity and I knew that when I focused on that in many areas of my life that it would be filled with positivity and it didn't disappoint!!
It's like a weight was lifted in many areas of my thinking! Not that I've conquered it all - those negative thoughts, procrastinating or letting fear hold me back will always happen. But what last week and this week have really shown me is that if I make the conscience choice to be aware of it, I can make the choice to not give it a place in my head, my heart or in my day!
This past month sure has FILLED me with so much JOY!!
I started this year out thinking that my classes weren't going to be well attended because of the holidays and well....I've been blessed to have students with me since 2007 and I was thinking they were probably tired of me by now. See there is that negative thinking that creeps in.
I am extremely humbled, blessed and overwhelmed that many of my classes this first month of 2014 have been full and so very well attended. My students that have been with me for years inspire me so much with their eagerness to continue to learn and become better artists. I've had many new students that have started taking classes and have written me the sweetest notes of how excited they are to be taking classes with me.
I was so FILLED with excitement and JOY when my friend Dawn who owns an online artist magazine asked me if I'd be interested in becoming the next Editor-in-Chief for her magazine!! After a couple days of praying about it the answer was of course YES!! I did have those moments of doubt and fear creep in ~ but I have to say this new "A Weekly Word" for 2014 sure has given me a new outlook and ability to focus.
So, I'd say January 2014 has been amazing so far!! I focused on these words: BELIEVE, ACTION, EMPTIED, and FILLED and they sure have had shown themselves to me in incredible ways!
Looking forward to what February brings! Will post my word for this first week of February on Monday!
Have a fabulous day!!