Thursday, February 2, 2017


I say it time and time again ~ that it sure does seem like TIME is flying right on by! Maybe that's how it's always been and I just never started paying attention to it like I do now.

It truly seems like yesterday I was changing diapers and volunteering at my sons schools - which I LOVED!!

So January 2017 is gone and we usher in February - a short month - so it will no doubt fly by even faster!

My plan to create every day took a sudden detour on Christmas Eve when I injured my right hand - my predominate hand - my painting hand! Good lesson learned though ~ that it's okay to make 2, 5, or 10 trips to the car to bring stuff in and not try and do it all at once! Believe me - I will never do again what I did that day and try to close my sliding van door with one finger! Not only was it painful at the time and still in pain - it sure has made me feel like I'm moving at a snails pace. So......letting it heal as much as possible - in between doing everything that HAS to be done and sneaking in some things that I want to do like painting in my journal!
It took me over a month to start how I wanted 2017 to start ~ and even with some pain still in my right hand and a left torn rotator cuff ~ I feel like the snails pace has picked up a bit!

Speaking of 2017 ~ what a busy and fun year I have ahead of me!! BLESSED that for the first time since I started Travel Teaching in 2015 - I have a FULL CALENDAR and have been booking into 2018!! I continually remind myself of how incredibly blessed I am to do what I love and share what I love with others!! I'm also truly honored and blessed to have companies like Dynasty, DecoArt and Weber that support me and my events!!!!

Here are a couple new patterns that will launch at the Vegas Convention at the end of the month and will also be available on my website.

I still have FREE SHIPPING going on right now for my stamps, stencils and crossbody bags and not only is it FREE SHIPPING - it's FAST SHIPPING - going on the same day ordered if before 5p.m. or first thing the next morning!!

Off to the gym - 2 days in a row since the holidays - WOOHOO!! Feeling like that is an accomplishment after this past month!! Keep reminding myself - one foot in front of the other - many, many times and I will get where I want to be with so many things - not only with my health but also my business!!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!!