Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sick in bed, bloggin, classes and more!!
Guess since the mack truck knocked me over with a ton of bricks and I'm not feeling so great I'll write a post - FINALLY - I know!!
I really do hate laying around during the day - not my style and with so much to do it's even harder. However, I have rested for the most part today and trying my hardest not to get sicker as I have way too many things coming up!!
Have so loved the classes I've been teaching so far this year!! What a great group that comes out and paints with me! Always eager to learn and ready to create!!

We painted vine wreaths with spring flowers and ribbon with acrylics and peaches with wOils. 
Yesterday we painted grapes and I'll get those pictures up soon and this week we'll be painting Roses in my all day rose painting workshop!!

two of my silly students not wanting their picture online. 

I was lucky and won a FB giveaway by the talented Tracy Weinzapfel Stratton!! I got two of her amazing stamp sets and couldn't wait to create with them. I loved them so much I did a product review for them in the current issue of Interactive Artist Magazine!
I sealed them yesterday and have them in my studio!! They are also too cute to use and actually thought about gluing them to a board just like I have them above. 

Lots of drawing, painting and organizing going on and I just signed on to be a teacher for an online painting course! Super excited about that and how could I almost forget.....VEGAS!! Creative Painting Convention is coming up the end of the month and I am so looking forward to taking an Oils class with artist - Robert Warren and Color Penciled class with Paula Leopold. 

Okay....best get back to resting!!
Have a great day!