Monday, July 7, 2014

Long overdue post!!!

WOW ~ am I way behind in posting pictures from classes!! My students continue to amaze me with all they do and all they want to learn!! I truly am blessed that I get to do with I love and even more so that I get to share it with such a wonderful group of ladies that come out and paint with me.

My "A Weekly Word" for last week was ORGANIZE and organize I did. I started actually with some lists and decided that I needed to get a better handle on what needed to be done around the house as well as with my classes, upcoming travelling to teach, etc. Writing the list sparked a "I wonder where that is" and well.....on the hunt I went. This led to lots of organizing and although I didn't find what I was looking for at the time I got a lot of stuff put in it's proper place all the while questioning myself as to why I can't just put it away where it belongs the first time. 

I have such a wonderful example of organization ~ my darling hubby! He used to border OCD with it and well... now not so much..... or maybe it's just because I'm used to it. He wakes up with a mental list of what needs to be done and gets right on it. He works, comes home and again goes right into his mental list of things that need to be done whether it's getting ready for dinner, checking online stuff which he thankfully he does daily or getting ready for the next day.  He has taught me so much about organization and I TRY to be most of the time but the artist part of me fights it every step of the way.
My word for this next week is EXCUSES ~ now that is a loaded word isn't it?!
I've decided this week to right down every excuse I hear myself say this week.
I personally KNOW FOR A FACT that my excuses keep me from doing a lot of things I know I can and should be doing! WHY then do I continue to make them? I'm hoping writing them down will help me figure that out too! Will post at the end of the week how this word showed up in my daily life and art.

My long awaited class photos - so sorry guys that I've been horrible in getting them loaded on the blog! Appreciate all of you and blessed to get to share our love for painting with each other!


I had the great pleasure of having my friend Pat drive down from north GA with her sister to paint irises with me!

Sister didn't want to have her picture taken but I managed to get her arm - teehee!
Loved our time together ladies and  y'all blew me away with your paintings!!
Off to get ready for classes coming up this month and work on the next Issue of Interactive Artist Magazine coming out with a new Issue August 1st.
Have a blessed day!