Monday, March 30, 2015

Oh how I wish all the pre-planning I did in 2014 to keep up with everything was working out but to put it simply ~ it just isn't! I finally realized I can only do so much in a day!

2015 Sure has started out with a BANG and I'm loving every minute of it - just wish some of those minutes were available to keep up with posting on my blog, FB, Instagram, website, etc. Trying to remind myself to not be so hard on "ME" and do things when I can ~ like now!!

I actually have some really exciting news and since I mentioned it in my upcoming editorial in Interactive Artist Magazine (coming out April 1st)  I thought I'd share it with before it comes out on Wednesday!!

I've been invited to teach in TAIPEI, TAIWAN this summer!!
I will be teaching two Martin/F. Weber wOil projects - poppies and hydrangeas!!
I'm incredibly humbled and so appreciative of this opportunity and can't wait to share all of the pictures with you from my time in Taiwan!
Beyond blessed to do what I love ~ painting and creating! To be able to share that with others too is icing on the cake!!

Was trying to add a great picture of a Hello Kitty plane but it wouldn't let me add pics to my blog
:( not sure what is up with that but it could possibly be related to why I can't open Google Chrome on my computer - insert sad face here!

Have so much more to write but have to finish some details with the magazine coming out Wednesday!! Hope you'll check out all of the amazing projects in the April/May issue!