Friday, September 8, 2017

July in New York! 

Pictures from my time painting with the DAWN Chapter in Long Island and my trip to FM Brush Company! I also had the opportunity to attend the Dynasty Splashes of Hope event and I'll share that incredible experience and more pictures from my time at FM Brush company and the amazing people there ~ in a separate post! 

The ladies from the DAWN Chapter of Western Nassau were amazing and made me feel like a part of their painting family! We spent three days painting, painting, and painting! Oh....and they treated me to NY's finest - pizza and bagels too!

Loved that my middle son was able to come on this trip with me and Kathy, her husband and friends were so good to us booth!

After the seminar, we traveled to Queens, NY and had the honor of touring FM Brush Company. They went above and beyond to take care of Kendall and I! The last day we were there, Kendall and I went into Manhattan and WOW!!!!! Amazing!!!!!
I just cannot say enough about this trip - all the way around - just incredible!!!! 

Enjoy the pictures and when I have a chance I'll write more captions with some of the pictures.

Looking forward to going back to New York and painting with the DAWN Chapter again in July 2018!!

Have a blessed day!